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    Consulting Services

    Helping you achieve maximum business impact by addressing your complex technology and enterprise challenges with a unique blend of development experience, design knowledge, and methodology expertise.

    Improve productivity, manage complexity, and reduce risk

    Mentor Consulting Services can help you to adopt, deploy, customize, and optimize your complex design environments. Our direct access to Mentor’s engineering and product development teams allows us to tap into deep domain and subject matter expertise, resulting in technology insight found nowhere else. Our global practice teams have a track record of improving productivity, managing project complexity and mitigating risk.

    Systems Practice

    Our Systems Practice offers collaboration and methodology expertise in PCB design, component engineering, data management, high-speed design, model based engineering, and manufacturing consulting. Our offerings are designed to help you realize your cost, quality, and cycle time performance goals through optimal implementation and use of Mentor EBS applications, including Hyperlynx, EDM/EDM Library, Valor NPI, ValyDate, and Xpedition.

    For more information about Mentor Consulting’s Systems Practice, click here

    Verification Practice

    Whether it’s implementing advanced verification flows, identifying ways to accelerate your testbench development process, assessing and improving your safety-critical verification flow, or providing predictable schedules with an accurate measurement of verification completeness at any point in time, our Verification Team delivers. Consulting and methodology offerings support the use and implementation of Austemper, Questa, and Veloce.

    For more information about Mentor Consulting’s Verification Practice, click here

    Digital IC Implementation Practice

    Our Digital IC Implementation Practice helps you maximize your productivity and profitability by providing expert assessment and collaboration in improving or executing physical design of today’s sophisticated IC designs. These services range from helping to define, install, and optimize your synthesis flow, to the tapeout of design netlists/RTL for production. Design services and methodology assistance is offered for Catapult, Nitro, and Oasys tool flows as well as implementation services for embedded memory IP.


    • RTL-to-GDSII Design Service
    • Netlist-to-GDSII Design Service
    • Catapult High-Level Synthesis Consulting and Methodology Services
    • Place and Route Methodology Service
    • Memory IP

    Yield Enhancement Services Practice

    Our Yield Enhancement Practice provides methodology development, customization, configuration, and global program management to accelerate success with Mentor’s Tessent and Calibre technologies. Major IC design and manufacturing organizations across the globe have utilized our methodology and compute services in crucial areas such as automotive test, design enablement, DFT, flow automation, technology development, and yield improvement to impact their business and technical goals.


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