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    Tessent Product Suite

    Tessent® Product Suite

    Tessent combines features of deterministic scan testing, embedded pattern compression, built-in self test, specialized embedded memory test and repair, and boundary scan, as well as board and system-level test technologies.

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    Quantix Semiconductor Intelligence Suite

    Quantix™ Semiconductor Intelligence Suite

    Quantix Semiconductor Intelligence Suite for STDF data analysis, outlier detection and yield management.

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    Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Solutions

    Design augmentation and linked applications that detect, mitigate and eliminate risks throughout the IC lifecycle, helping customers address their debug, test, yield, safety, security, and optimization requirements for today’s most complex SoCs.

    Mentor’s comprehensive solution for IC test and on-chip monitoring, including best-in-class design-for-test tools and test data analytics, cybersecurity, functional debug, and in-life monitoring products that help ensure the highest test coverage, accelerate yield ramp and improve the quality and reliability of manufactured parts.

    • Tessent Embedded Analytics
      Tessent Embedded Analytics puts an intelligent functional monitoring and analytics infrastructure into the core hardware of an SoC.

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