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    FloEFD for NX

    Free FloEFD for NX Trial

    Start using your unrestricted, full-featured copy of FloEFD for NX today, and learn how easy it is to perform CFD analysis inside the Siemens NX design and manufacturing automation environment.

    Try FloEFD for NX


    Try FloMASTER

    Try FloMASTER 1D thermo-fluid CFD on rising main pressure surge analysis in this free hands-on trial.

    Test-drive FloMASTER


    FloTHERM - Evaluation in the Cloud

    This free Evaluation in the Cloud lets you use the full version of FloTHERM on a number of real world example cases.

    Test-drive FloTHERM

    FloEFD for Solid Edge

    FloEFD for Solid Edge Virtual Lab

    This Virtual Lab includes 20 comprehensive tutorial problems including pressure loss, heat transfer, porous media, mesh optimization, non-Newtonian flow, rotating impeller, among many others.

    Get Started Now


    Test-Drive FloTHERM XT

    Take the CAD-centric thermal CFD for a spin on the cloud.

    Test-drive FloTHERM XT

    MotorSolve Cloud-Based

    Try MotorSolve Cloud-Based

    Access this FREE Virtual Lab from any modern web browser with a broadband connection, then use our step-by-step guides to evaluate MotorSolve.

    Test-drive MotorSolve Cloud-Based

    Accelerating innovation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Characterization

    Mentor CFD simulation and thermal test products have led the market for decades, providing a broad portfolio of best-in-class simulation, analysis, and test/measurement solutions.


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