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    Integrated FPGA Design Flow

    With two decades of HDL-based development tool experience, Mentor Graphics delivers a range of product solutions from concept to implementation for requirements through project management and development.

    FPGA Methodologies

    Requirements Tracking

    Track hardware implementation for requirement validation for safety critical projects in medical, transportation, aerospace and military, or any complex ASIC or FPGA design.

    Design Creation

    Mentor provides best in class tool supporting techniques and methodologies to accelerate the creation of thousands of lines of code to improve design productivity.

    Design Reuse

    Adopting new standards, tools, and methodologies will enable you to improve your design creation and reuse of legacy code, informal and formal IP.

    Advanced FPGA Synthesis

    Designers need a multi-vendor synthesis tool to keep pace with advances in technology. Precision RTL Plus is the industry's most comprehensive FPGA solution.

    ASIC Prototyping

    Ease the transition from ASIC to FPGA design by allowing the same HDL code and constraint syntax to be used.

    Simulation & Verification

    Delivering the highest simulation productivity possible with multi-language support, coverage and high-performance simulation engine.


    DO-254 Solutions

    Ensure the safety of in-flight hardware and meet FAA standards. Mentor delivers a best-practice methodology for requirements-based design to help you meet your DO-254 quality objectives while improving productivity. Learn more about Mentor Graphic's DO-254 solutions

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