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    Optimized electrical system implementation

    Ensure EE architectures are correct-by-design while driving faster design cycles for creating wiring harnesses and AUTOSAR-optimized networks. Mentor Automotive offers a complete design flow using Mentor Automotive Capital? tool suite, delivering optimized electrical system implementation while reducing overall vehicle weight and cost.

    Electrical and electronic architecture with Capital

    Reduce weight and cost, compress design cycle time

    Capital’s define and design tools reduce electrical and electronic cost & weight, also compress cycle times while maximize future headroom in your designs. Our Capital tools help you perform integrated studies during architecture development and ongoing feature implementation across the embedded software, electronic hardware, network and electrical domains.

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    Wire harness manufacture with Capital

    Enhance manufacturing with Capital design data

    Automatically create manufacturing process trees, detailed cost analyses, production operator instructions and formboard layouts directly from harness design data.

    Digital continuity and wire harness manufacture

    Learn how digital continuity can accelerate wire harness manufacture while developing greater understanding of cost and production cycles.

    Design AUTOSAR-compliant software for popular ECUs

    Our Volcano tools make it easy for AUTOSAR and legacy ECU software to be designed and implemented on popular semiconductor ECUs. The tool suite includes a fully AUTOSAR-compliant software stack (supporting versions 4.2 and 4.0.3 in accordance to ISO 26262).

    View Demo

    We overcome the lack of a standard infotainment (IVI) diagnostics interface by porting AUTOSAR interfaces to Linux-based applications.

    Advanced thermal and radiometric characterization

    Mentor Automotive simulation technologies make it easier to test various cooling techniques to cost effectively identify the best design. Our thermal and radiometric characterization solutions help you gain a far greater understanding of your designs by calculating the properties of the LED and its behavior at different temperatures and currents.

    White Paper

    Learn how to analyze thermal resistance when designing with Power LEDs in this pivotal white paper.

    Industry-best design definition to manufacturing flow

    Improve electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability with system design to manufacturing execution tool. Xpedition® Enterprise is the automotive industry’s most innovative PCB design flow for the global enterprise, offering full data integrity from system design definition to manufacturing execution.

    PCB Design Flow

    Learn more about Xpedition Enterprise.

    Service and maintenance with Capital

    Intelligent, vehicle-specific documentation

    Capital’s Service tools automatically create intelligent documentation that streamlines fault diagnosis. Provide highly interactive, vehicle specific environment for service technicians engaged in troubleshooting.

    The move to smart documentation and dynamic diagnostics

    Watch how Capital has helped the automotive industry move to smart documentation and dynamic diagnostics.

    Tools + services accelerate automotive electrical design


    Indeed it’s no stretch to say that advanced automotive design software combined with proven deployment services is the surest path to success. Take out that services expertise and the path suddenly gets that much longer and more uncertain, precisely at the moment when falling behind will be more costly than ever. That’s because the industry’s well-documented evolution in the direction of electrification, autonomy, services and ride sharing, together represent one of the most lucrative business opportunities in history.

    White Paper

    Scott Majdecki and Andrew Macleod explain why services offered in conjunction with design tools matter more than ever in automotive E/E design.

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