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    Connectivity. Autonomous.
    Electrification. Architecture.

    Mentor Automotive provides the software, systems and services that unleash your freedom to innovate.

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    What Our Customers Say

    Mentor Graphics VeSys wire harness design tool was successfully used for both cars for the first time. VeSys included automatic creation of wire lists and documentation, which helped speed the manufacturing process. Most important, it was easy to use, with the support of online training, enabling us to complete the short design phase of Formula Student teams, despite being first-time users.
    Marcel Zolg Technical University of Munich / TUfast Racing Team
    We are always looking for ways to provide a better service experience to our customers. Commercial vehicles are valuable, hard-working assets, so everything that maximizes their uptime is important. By deploying Mentor's technology to our dealership network, we have taken a major step forward in customer service capabilities.
    Dominic Venice Service Information Manager, Navistar
    Model S has very advanced electrical systems with tremendous configuration complexity. It has been vital, during our ramp up to full production, that the logistical integration and effective sharing of data with our suppliers was seamless. Capital software was able to overcome the challenges of configuration management and data exchange with our key suppliers.
    Paul Lomangino Director of Engineering applications, Tesla Motors
    Mentor Graphics’ Volcano suite for automotive networking enables us to develop our vehicles’ multiplexed communication systems substantially quicker than starting from new platform design. SAIC design engineers can focus on the vehicles’ characteristics, leaving the implementation of the communication to the Volcano tools. The tool suite is the ideal solution for companies like SAIC, challenged with taking a technological leap in terms of introducing multiplexed solutions concurrent with launching a new car.
    Fei Hao New Technology Department Vice Director, SAIC Automotive Engineering Academy
    To develop such an advanced coach requires not only powerful design automation, but also a comprehensive and robust electrical design data foundation for all stages of design, manufacturing and after sales support. The modularity of the system is important to us because it allows us to extend the scope progressively with everything using the same data foundation – we have plans to extend our virtual prototyping capability using advanced electrical simulation and validation tools.
    José Costa Director of Vehicles and Chassis Development, CaetanoBus
    From the engineering standpoint, the key improvements were integration with our mechanical CAD and PDM systems, including the difficult subject of design change management. We also needed more powerful electrical simulation and analysis than was available previously. Mentor’s newest software matched these requirements for us, minimizing the need to redefine our design progression. Mentor was also able to migrate data from the previous generation tooling, so minimizing our risk and speeding the transition.
    Michael Wrobel Electronics and Electrical Systems Manager, CNH
    To stay ahead of our competition, we needed to introduce new levels of electrical integration and a design flexibility we have never seen before. VeSys is helping us to achieve that. We were particularly impressed with the ease of use and the high level of functionality, flexibility and automation demonstrated by VeSys. Benefits of the software include intelligent schematics and harness designs, bill of materials creation, wire length calculations, reporting and built-in error proofing.
    Adam Fowlkes Engineering Manager, Proterra
    Mentor’s technology for automotive electrical and electronics design is world leading. Given the importance of electronic systems in modern vehicles, products such as Capital and Volcano clearly boost JAC’s competitive position, not only in China but also worldwide.
    Mr. Yan Gang Deputy General Manager, JAC
    Capital is by far the most capable commercial off-the-shelf software addressing wire harness design, engineering and manufacturing. So it is the natural choice as LEONI’s standard environment. Mentor also has technical depth across multiple relevant domains, excellent geographic coverage, and strong presence at the world’s leading automotive and off-road vehicle OEMs. In addition, Capital ModularXC is a really key tool. Capital ModularXC helps position LEONI as a world-leading supplier of modular harnesses.
    Carsten Wilhelm Director of Engineering Systems for Manufacturing, LEONI
    To develop such an advanced truck requires not only powerful design automation, but also robust design data management. Capital was the natural tool choice because it is so strong in these areas, and is designed to be used by large, multi-site organizations.
    Wolfgang Appel Senior Manager, System Architecture, Mechatronic Engineering, Mercedes-Benz Trucks
    FloTHERM is a key component of our simulation-based design decisions strategy, ensuring that our thermal design goals are met and we can deliver on Continental’s simulation vision of ‘getting the product right the first time.
    Dr. Uwe Lautenschlager Continental Automotive GmbH
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    IESF Automotive EE Design Conferences

    IESF 2020 conference program, now in its 20th year, will include events in Japan, Detroit, Germany and for the first time Portland, Oregon (as part of the EVS33 conference and with a particular focus on EV and AD).

    IESF is the leading automotive conference on EE design trends and solutions. IESF Automotive 2020 focuses on four key areas: EE Architecture, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Electrification.

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