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    What does it take to make a perfect gingerbread man? Our NX manufacturing software helps program the gingerbread… https://t.co/UoGc3EZk8K | 23 Dec
    #DFT techniques helps designers meet the quality and time-to-market requirements of large, advanced-node AI chips.… https://t.co/3AHj53mSa8 | 21 Dec
    New verification and optimization options let RF #IC designers drastically reduce expensive, time-consuming simulat… https://t.co/h8KQbxcwAE | 20 Dec
    RT @siemenssoftware: Ride the startup wave with @Forty1Kitesurf! Hear how the company went from #Digitalization to realization: https://t.c| 16 Dec
    #Virtual verification of computational storage devices: A computational storage #verification methodology centered… https://t.co/9VVcMRRFIL | 15 Dec
    When it comes to #SoC #physicalverification turnaround-time, layout vs. schematic can make or break tapeout plans.… https://t.co/cset8ioRJU | 10 Dec

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    IESF 2020 conference program, now in its 20th year, will include events in Japan, Detroit, Germany and for the first time Portland, Oregon (as part of the EVS33 conference and with a particular focus on EV and AD).

    IESF is the leading automotive conference on EE design trends and solutions. IESF Automotive 2020 focuses on four key areas: EE Architecture, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Electrification.

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