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    Embedded Software Industries

    Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment

    OEMs need to differentiate their IVI solutions from other automakers while pursuing an "open innovation" strategy for automotive software supply. Mentor Embedded has helped both OEMs and Tier One suppliers make the transition to Linux-based systems, overcoming the challenges and optimizing the benefits of open source development. The Mentor Embedded IVI Base Platform provides a GENIVI compliant foundation for in-vehicle infotainment software development. When combined with Mentor Embedded development tools and expert services, automotive OEMs and their suppliers have a comprehensive solution for building the next generation of IVI systems on open source software.

    Smart Energy

    Smart energy is about the intelligent management of energy both within the home and outside the home, and involving connected devices, networks, and the smart grid itself – all with the goal of optimizing energy production, distribution, and usage. This is enabled by a framework of devices including smart grids, smart meters, smart home appliances and home automation networks.

    With its low power management framework, comprehensive UI solutions, wide range of connectivity options and support for protocols such as mDNS and DNS-SD, Nucleus RTOS is the ideal solution to enable your embedded designs for the smart energy industry.

    Medical Devices

    Medical devices help us live longer, better lives, but creating the software that empowers them presents some unique challenges to developers. Whether your product is to be deployed in a hospital or sold in a drug store for use at home, system failures are simply not an option when a person's health is at stake.


    Industrial systems typically have very long lifetimes – often spanning decades. This longevity brings with it many unique challenges, the most significant being embedded software lifecycle management. An industrial system and its embedded software need to have the flexibility to accommodate as-yet unknown requirements, while still being implemented to be secure and reliable. And, of course, costs (the bill of materials – BOM) need to be carefully controlled.

    Mobile Handsets

    Nucleus software provides handset manufacturers with a comprehensive collection of software components and tools to design and develop mobile phones.

    Consumer Electronics

    From digital cameras to portable media players - the consumer electronics market is revolutionizing the way we communicate and share digital media. As the promise of digital convergence drives customer expectations for devices that "do it all at a reduced cost," device designers are forced to respond to challenges associated with reduced bill of materials (BOM), integration efforts, and power consumption in increasingly complex systems.

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