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    Embedded Software

    Enabling embedded systems development with one of the broadest embedded technology portfolios within the market.

    Mentor delivers embedded software solutions that enable device manufacturers to quickly design and build high quality connected devices, including those with rich user interfaces, cloud-based remote management, or requiring safety certification. The base technologies include Linux, the Nucleus real-time operating system, and advanced multicore runtime enablement and development tools. Mentor also offers development services for its embedded software products and compilers.


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    Embedded Platform Solutions

    Mentor offers one of the broadest embedded portfolios on the marketplace. This enables our customers to tackle the most demanding embedded design challenges utilizing today’s complex SoCs.

    • Heterogeneous Runtime – Combining Linux, Nucleus RTOS, Hypervisor and Heterogenous Multicore
    • Scalable – X86/Arm, Microcontroller and Application Processors
    • Multicore – SMP, AMP and Hypervisor
    • IoT and Cloud Solutions – Multi-cloud edge and device connectivity, software update, device management and security
    • Safety – Safety certified runtimes and support for using Linux in certified devices
    • Security – Technology and processes to address top-to-bottom security, including long term security monitoring and patches
    • UI and Graphics – Optimized BSPs and tools for graphics and media-centric systems
    • Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning runtime enablement and optimization
    • Long Term Support – Support for the full life of your embedded device
    • Services to Provide Customized Solutions – Custom Toolchains, Custom BSPs and Product Extensions
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